• 45 Minutes' Dodgy Dossier

    The week’s most tantalising and salacious Labour Party gossip we were too drunk to to publish: Simon Danczuk, John Woodcock, Dan Hodges, Lord Levy, Jon Cruddas, Consensus, and Corbyn’s List.

  • Exposed: £30K Dan's Dodgy Donors

    How Corbyn stalking horse, Dan Jarvis, has taken nearly £30k from Tory Donors and Tax-Dodging Hedge Fund Managers.

  • Alan Johnson Embroiled in Tory Selection Scandal

    How Alan Johnson intervened to impose a disgraced former Tory councillor as the Labour Party candidate in Derringham Ward in spite of objections from his own members.

  • Jasmin Becket Exposed

    How Jasmin Beckett lied, bullied and smeared her way to Scarborough.

  • Anti-Corbyn Jasmin Beckett In Anti-Semitic Smear

    The right-wing candidate in a crucial election to Labour’s national executive has been caught co-ordinating a smear campaign against her rival.

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