How Alan Johnson intervened to impose a disgraced former Tory councillor as the Labour Party candidate in Derringham Ward in spite of objections from his own members.

It has emerged that Alan Johnson has written a letter in support of disgraced former Tory councillor; Simon Pickering.

Simon Pickering famously defected to the Conservative Party in 2009 and subsequently stood as an independent against the Labour Party in 2011.

45 Minutes has learned that Simon Pickering was allegedly investigated by the police for electoral fraud in 2011 after filing nomination papers to stand as an independent in three wards covering three different councils: Minster and Woodmansey Ward (East Riding Council), Hessle Ward (Hessle Town Council), and University Ward (Hull City Council).

45 minutes would like to point out that it is a criminal offence to stand in a local authority where you don’t live or work.

In 2015 Simon Pickering stood in Dale Ward (East Riding Council) and Hessle Eastfield Ward (Hessle Town Council), he also tried to stand in Beverley Ward (Hull City Council) but was deselected by the ward party after it emerged that he was readmitted to the Labour Party on the condition that he was barred from standing as a Labour Party candidate for twelve months.

Simon Pickering was elected as a Labour Councillor for Hessle Eastfield in 2015, however, he was struck off Hessle Town Council after he failed to attend any meetings for more than six months. As the letter shows, he was cleary too busy campaigning for Alan Johnson to attend.

45 Minutes wants to know why Alan Johnson is so keen to impose a disgraced former Tory councillor on his constituency party when he is happy to see “mad, finger jabbing” democratic socialists purged?

Letter in Support of Simon Pickering