How Corbyn stalking horse, Dan Jarvis, has taken nearly £30k from Tory Donors and Tax-Dodging Hedge Fund Managers.

It’s well known that Martin Taylor, the chief investment manager of Nevsky Capital LLP, donated £16,800 to Dan Jarvis at the end of February.

Despite Nevsky Capital being based in London it was registered in the Cayman Islands and Ireland for the purposes of tax avoidance and recently liquidated its $1.5bn portfolio freeing up plenty of cash for Martin Taylor to donate some spare change to Jarvis.

This is in addition to the £12,500 donated in January by Peter Hearn, founder of the PSD Group which recruits for the Banking and Finance Sector, bringing Dan’s total donations to £29,300, which should help him not claim £376.19 on expenses for water like he did in August 2015.

In 2010 Peter Hearn donated £10,000 to the Poplar and Limehouse Conservative Association to fund Tim Archer’s unsuccessful challenge to sitting Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick.

This isn’t the first time Peter Hearn has donated to right wing Labour MPs. During the leadership election Mr Hearn donated £75,000 to Yvette Cooper or 25% of her £310,256 campaign warchest. Given her paltry 17% vote, 45 minutes would advise Peter Hearn not to visit a bookie or casino.

In his recent speech to Demos Jarvis talked about considering “radical options” when it came to corporation tax.

45 Minutes wants to know how Dan Jarvis plan to help down on tax avoidance when he’s pocketing tens of thousands from tax-dodging hedge fund managers?