How Jasmin Beckett lied, bullied and smeared her way to Scarborough.

Jasmin Beckett is the candidate of Labour First, a group on the hard right of the Labour Party who last summer called for Labour members to vote for “Anyone But Corbyn.”

Labour First Email

Jasmin Beckett thinks Jeremy Corbyn is a “twat”


But that’s not what she tells young members whose votes she is after…


In October 2015, Jasmin and her friends tried to rig the North West Young Labour elections, arranging for members to travel from around the country to vote in the North West Young Labour elections, against party rules and wondering how they could go about conning young members into believing them to be left-wing…

Left Wing Left Wing

They continually admitted their disdain for trade unionists and making changes to peoples membership records…

Disdain Disdain Disdain

At one point they discuss taking advantage of a BAME Corbynite’s good nature for electoral purposes, with Jasmin ultimately admitting her hate for the pro-Corbyn group Momentum, which she previously claimed to be a part of…


This week Jasmin and her friends have been running a smear campaign against her opponent James Elliott, labelling him an anti-Semite, telling a group of 74 young members…


Jasmin supporter Josh Woolas (now National Secretary of Labour Students) warned the young members to be careful to make their complaints look genuine and not like a smear campaign… Awkward


Jasmin has tried to hide her true politics, she’s told people she is a Corbynista, but the truth is she’s just like every other right-winger in the Labour Party. She says different things to different people in an attempt to win votes off people who do not know the truth about her. But the truth is Jasmin Beckett is a Blairite through and through.

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